So our home page makes us sound all normal and shit. I mean, it really does. Like we're this three-day-a-week endgame raiding guild (the TOP three-day raid guild, I might add) whose members fucking rock on raids and group together on off nights to accomplish pretty much everything. Sounds all normal, right? Right. I think Danille purposely does it that way - The home page lures the clueless, unwashed masses of Norrath to our guild page, where we charm them with our normalcy and our accomplishments, encourage them to apply, and then ...

Then we tag the poor schmucks and show them what we're REALLY like.

I present LMAO @ Sol Invictus, a page dedicated to the retardery and batshit stupidity that sometimes overtakes pretty much every channel that SI guild members frequent, lol. Here, you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know about how Chempets spends his time outside of game (back scratches, anyone?), where Barbarians come from (hint: it does not involve a stork) and what happens when you step in Saiyian's baby batter.

Mojoslinger tells the guild, 'its good thing this game doesnt have any Gnomish Recording Devices yet, and a website called Evertube :P '
Leighah tells the guild, 'yea it does, it's Tordails funny page'

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LMAO @ SI: Random Fucked Up Shit
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